Lawmakers Approve Nuclear Weapons Ban

The National Assembly on Tuesday found something to agree on—that Cambodia should never use nuclear weapons.

By a 93-0 margin, lawmakers ratified the nuclear test ban treaty, thereby joining most of the world’s nations in a global campaign aimed at preventing nu­clear war.

Uch Kim An, Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Af­fairs, said he was glad to see Cam­bodia support peacemaking.

Opposition parliamentarian Son Chhay raised concerns over whether the ban would mean Cambodia can not use nuclear technology in power plants. The Sam Rainsy Party lawmaker wanted to ensure Cambodia could still use uranium to produce cheaper electricity for Cam­bodia someday.

Uch Kim An assured the body that the test ban treaty does not prohibit the use of uranium for power plants.

In another measure, the As­sembly began a debate on electricity legislation that would create a National Electricity Author­ity to help monitor the nation’s future energy policies.

Minister of Industry Suy Sen has said that electricity use in Phnom Penh alone could in­crease from 70 to 110 mega­watts by 2003, and that 10,000 mega­watts would be needed to properly electrify the entire country.



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