USC Cambodian American filmmaker creates film about the hidden legacy of the Vietnam War

Senior film and production major Ethan Soo is the writer and director of the film “Swept Under,” inspired by the hidden fallout of the war in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and its effect on Southeast Asian refugees.

Though the project is not through USC, Soo will be joined by a crew of USC students and alumni, including senior film and television production and marketing major Ruhi Mansey, film and television production major Graham Byers and alumni Jack Longo.

The film will star Cambodian actor Alvin Heng as Ricky, a Cambodian American man who moves into a new house and is gifted a rug from his adoptive sister, Beth, who explains that the rug was made by a survivor of the Cambodian Genocide. Ricky is hesitant to accept the rug and soon discovers that a rug may hide sinister forces that lie beneath its surface.

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