‘The Torment of Ghost’: Film Review | Filmart 2019

Huy Yaleng’s horror movie charts a criminal tycoon’s downfall as he struggles with nightmares in which he is tortured by a former Khmer Rouge cadre.

Nearly four decades after its fall from power in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge has remained a specter hovering over the Southeast Asian country. In The Torment of Ghost, the genocidal regime cuts a haunting presence — but only in a literal sense and as a trope with which director Huy Yaleng constructs what is in effect his take on the slasher flick. Revolving around a brutal businessman’s slow slide towards madness as he struggles with the seemingly supernatural fallout of his murder of a former Khmer Rouge cadre, the pic cruises along with a mix of sex, schmaltz, gore and comical gags.

In full: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/torment-ghost-review-1195354

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