Woman Wielding Butcher’s Knife Slays Brother

A 29-year-old woman killed her younger brother with a butcher’s knife on Sunday night after he threatened to attack their mother in Pursat City’s Roleab commune, police said.

“One of them was going to die, either the sister or the brother,” said Yim Seang Hai, Pursat City’s police chief.

The brother, Phat Pha, 24, “was drunk and threatened to beat up their mother,” Mr. Seang Hai said.

The siblings scuffled over the knife, with sister Phat Mouy eventually getting ahold of the alleged murder weapon and cutting her brother on the right side of the neck and right arm, killing him instantly, Mr. Seang Hai said.

Keo Sokunthea, deputy provincial police chief, initially told a reporter that the siblings were neighbors and that police believed the slain man had been “drunk and attempting to rape” Ms. Mouy.

He later said the preliminary report of attempted rape was false.

Ms. Mouy was being detained at city police headquarters and was expected to be sent to the provincial court for questioning today, Mr. Sokunthea said.

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