Voter Voices: Phal Kanitha, 30

Procurement officer; from Kraing Yov commune in Kandal province’s Sa’ang district. 

“The elections are not [of] international standards and are not yet fair. Sometimes I think elections in Cambodia are just for show. But I decided to vote, because I think if many people do, a change can happen.

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I’m not going to vote for the CPP. But I’m not going to vote for the CNRP either. I already voted for [the CNRP]. I even gave them money at the protests. But then the results were nothing. If the CNRP is so effective, [its leader] would not spend 20 years in politics without changing anything.

I will vote for the KPP. I have been following the KPP since it was the Khmer People Movement in the U.S. In 2015, the KPP president [Sourn Serey Ratha] decided to come to Cambodia to create the official party. I follow everything he posts on Facebook and speeches he gives in the news. He tells us how we can develop Cambodia. He talks about real freedom. I believe he has enough ability, because he was educated in the U.S. He received a lot of education about politics. The current leader, I believe he has got no education about politics.

Even if [Prime Minister Hun Sen] continues to lead Cambodia, that’s fine, but if he can take the good points from our party and bring them to develop Cambodia, that means we [have] already won.”

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