Police Question Brick-Slinging Wedding Partygoers

Fifteen people were taken in for questioning after a Phnom Penh wedding reception left three nursing minor scratches and local officials mystified.

“There were five commune security guards patrolling,” said Seng Suy, Trapaing Thnoung village chief.

“There were sticks, slingshots, belts. There were slingshots. We’re not sure if they planned ahead.”

A scuffle broke out at about 10 p.m., Mr. Suy said, as guests were “drinking and getting tipsy.”

“It happened when the groom’s guests and the bride’s guests started to mock each other,” said Khoeun Phalla, chief of the commune’s security guards.

While Mr. Phalla said the groom started the argument, other officials weren’t sure.

After the two sides started to brawl, Mr. Suy said, local security guards silenced the live band.

The guests were calmed, he said, and the music was allowed to resume.

It was then, said Mr. Suy and Mr. Phalla, that bricks and the slingshots came out.

Yim Saran, chief of police in Pur Senchey district, said the groom was not among the 15 held for questioning.

The party, Mr. Suy said, was over by 11 p.m.

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