Man Joins Brother in Prison After Smuggling Attempt

A man who was caught trying to smuggle less than a tenth of a gram of methamphetamine to his brother inside Phnom Penh’s Prey Sar prison on Monday joined his sibling behind bars after being charged with drug trafficking on Thursday.

Pak Sokheng, 24, was arrested on Monday morning when he attempted to sneak 0.06 grams of crystal meth to his older brother—who is serving time on weapons charges—at the prison in Dangkao district by hiding the drugs in his rolled-up pant leg, according to Nov Tith, chief of the district police’s serious crimes section.

“The prison guard inspected him and found the drugs in his turned-up trousers and then handed him over to police,” he said, adding that Mr. Sokheng then led officers to two drug dealers he regularly sold meth to—Khim Chantha, 24, and Chuo Sotry, 18—who were arrested in Dangkao’s Pong Toek commune.

On Thursday, all three men were sent to the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, charged with drug trafficking and sent to Prey Sar to await trial, Mr. Tith said.

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