Laotian Teens Arrested With 2,000 Meth Pills

Two Laotian teenagers were caught with 2,000 methamphetamine pills and arrested on Tuesday in Stung Treng City shortly after crossing the Lao border, according to deputy provincial military police commander Doung Vicheat.

Loy Houng Han Sek and Som Phorn Vong Salat, both 18, were caught by military police in Samakki commune with a box containing the pills intended for sale in Cambodia, Mr. Vicheat said.

“The two Laotian men were found with a big box of methamphetamine pills consisting of 2,000 pills,” he said. “After inspection, only 1,997 remained in good condition while three others were damaged and used as testing samples.”

In addition to the drugs, military police confiscated the suspects’ motorbikes and some bullets that were found on them, he said, adding that the two men were being held at the provincial military police headquarters on Wednesday afternoon before being sent to court.

Mr. Vicheat said domestic use of the drug was rare.

“Only a small portion of Cambodians are currently secretly using it, and most of them are gangsters and those who do not go to school,” he said.

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