Koh Kong Protesters Submit Petitions to Hun Sen

Protesters from Koh Kong province embroiled in a decadelong land dispute submitted two petitions to government offices on Tuesday amid a stakeout of the capital that has been ongoing since last month.

The protesters, who say their land was stolen by sugarcane plantations in 2006, have been camped out at Samakki Raingsey pagoda, refusing to go home until officials intervene in their dispute.

More than 100 protesters marched to the Interior Ministry on Tuesday, and eight were allowed to enter, said Phav Nhoeung, a group representative.

“We were told that the Ministry of Interior would discuss how to find a proper solution,” Ms. Nhoeung said, but “I still feel suspicious.”

The group proceeded to the prime minister’s office where its petition was again accepted, she said.

“When we march, they say it affects public order. But we just don’t have the money to take tuk-tuks.”

Today, the families plan to go to the E.U. Embassy, Council of Ministers and the National Authority for Land Dispute Resolution.

“We are not here to cause public disorder,” she said.

“If you solve it for us, we’ll leave right away.”

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