Five Dealers in Drug Trafficking Ring Are Sentenced

Five drug dealers were sentenced to between four and five years in prison on Thursday in a case that involved a fatal police raid on a Phnom Penh villa in April.

Ly Virak, 37, was arrested during the raid, in which the alleged ringleader of the drug-trafficking group was killed.

On Thursday, Phnom Penh Municipal Court Judge Ros Piseth sentenced Mr. Virak—who admitted to dealing drugs during last month’s trial—to five years in prison for drug trafficking and joining a criminal group.

Ty Eang, 47, and Sun Daro, 23, who were arrested later, received the same five-year sentence as Mr. Virak, for the same charges.

Ly Kokhuy, 65, was sentenced to four years for the same charges plus illegal weapons possession, while Trav Ritheara, 18, received four years for involvement in a drug trafficking ring.

The lawyers for the four men who were arrested after the raid said their clients were not involved in drug trafficking, and that there was not enough evidence linking them to the crimes.

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