CNRP Candidate Resigns After Defacing Signs

A retired teacher running for commune council in Takeo province defaced two opposition CNRP signs that he had paid for himself to protest the low ranking he was given by the party for the June race, he said on Sunday.

“I scratched the signs and I wrote ‘Goodbye’…and ‘Injustice in Tram Kak,’” said Thok Ty, 69, who was running in Tram Kak district’s Tram Kak commune, before withdrawing.

“I do not accept the number they have offered.”

He was placed No.

6 on the party list, from which candidates will be selected to fill the nine seats of the commune in proportion to votes for the party.

Prak Savoan, a CNRP working group member in Takeo, said candidate selection was based on political experience and popularity.

Mr. Ty only joined the CNRP in 2015, he said.

“We have allowed commune party members to discuss with each other and select their candidates by themselves,” Mr. Savoan said.

“We are not disputing with him because the two signs he wrote on were paid for by him, but if he continues to damage other signs, we will take legal action.”

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