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Dovetailing disasters: how COVID-19 is compounding risk for Cambodian communities

The impacts of COVID19 are being felt by all, but especially the rural and urban poor and elderly. Hardship is spreading - what happens if another disaster strikes? UNDP Cambodia's Muhibuddin Usamah and Kelsea Clingeleffer with Kate Jean Smith, on why climate action remains as important as ever.

Calling Cambodians to put a check on COVID-19

Information is critical in a crisis – but not all information is equal. How the phone-based early warning system EWS1294 in Cambodia is being activated as an information and communications channel for arresting the spread of COVID19.

How mangroves, mud and music are helping to conserve Cambodia’s coastline

Shoes were abandoned on the sideline as people waded into the mud and shallows – the mission was much more important than worrying about dirty feet.

Understanding experiences of Cambodian women through the ‘Women’s Resilience Index’

As the floodwaters rise around the base of their houses, grandmothers in rural Cambodia are often forced to remain inside looking after their grandchildren.

Discovering viable alternatives to plastic straws

Plastic straws are embedded deep in our consumer culture.

Reducing risk, reaping resilience: Furnishing Cambodia’s farmers with the knowledge to adapt to climate...

For thousands of years, Cambodian farmers have tilled their lands according to the rhythms of the annual monsoon. Now, as the region faces changing rainfall driven by the onset of global climate change, the Southeast nation is taking action to prepare and adapt.