How mangroves, mud and music are helping to conserve Cambodia’s coastline

Over 330 students, women champions, government officials, NGO members and community members from around Kampot and Kep have gathered in an effort to plant 3,000 mangroves and conserve Cambodia’s coastline.

Shoes were abandoned on the sideline as people waded into the mud and shallows – the mission was much more important than worrying about dirty feet.

The local activity took place as part of a larger mangrove planting and marine exhibition under ActionAid Cambodia’s 100,000 Mangroves campaign, supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under the project ‘Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems in Cambodia’. The campaign aims to plant 100,000 mangroves in eight community fisheries by May 2020 and raise awareness of the importance of marine ecosystems.

The day began with planting while in the evening a marine conservation concert offered children’s activities, videos, presentations and songs and dance, all based around the integral role that marine life plays in the livelihood of everyday Cambodians.

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