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Government Pushes ‘Aid-for-Trade’ With Donors

The government called on donors to offer up to $30 million as part of its “Aid-for-Trade” strategy to bolster Cambodia’s competitiveness in international markets, and in turn enhance economic development, officials said on Thursday.

Lowell City Council Calls Off Manet’s New Year Visit

Hun Manet, Prime Minister Hun Sen’s eldest son, faced another setback on Tuesday in his attempts to engage with the Cambodian diaspora, after officials in Lowell, Massachusetts voted against his proposed visit to the city next month.

ADB Predicts Strong Growth, Notes Risks Ahead

The Asian Development Bank on Wednesday released figures forecasting Cambodia’s economic growth to reach 7 percent and 7.1 percent in 2016 and 2017, respectively, but warned that downside risks emanating from excessive credit growth and weak economic diversification could eventually lead to slower growth.

Cambodia’s Democratic Progress Stymied in 2015

The evolution of Cambodia’s democracy saw significant setbacks last year, with the government repeatedly violating the law and suppressing freedom of expression, according to an annual report released by a watchdog on Tuesday.

Speed Up Reforms to Draw Investment, EU Says

The E.U. is the world’s leading investor in Asean countries, yet less than 1 percent of its investments in the region are made in Cambodia—a statistic reflective of the country’s human resource deficiencies and opaque business environment, E.U. officials said Monday.

Cambodia’s International Rankings in Spotlight

Cambodia’s consistently low ranking on international measures of corruption and the ease of doing business came into the spotlight during a conference on Monday in which officials debated whether they unfairly damage foreign perceptions of the country.

Lack of Transparency Hinders Budget Progress

On Monday, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced a new phase of the Public Financial Management Reform Program, a donor-assisted initiative established in 2004 to bolster the country’s ability to soundly manage its budget. In a speech at the launch event, he touted the government’s progress in making the budget-drafting process more accountable to the public.

National Bank Ups Cash Reserve Requirements

The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) has doubled the minimum capital requirements for commercial banks and significantly raised the requirements for microfinance institutions in a move experts say will protect and consolidate the country’s banking sector.

New Cement Factory to Increase Competition

The Chip Mong Insee Cement (CMIC) company broke ground on a $262 million factory in Kampot province on Monday, a move expected to intensify competition among firms eager to meet demand from the booming construction sector.

Fear Hinders Independent Journalism in Cambodia, Survey Finds

Fear of government interference, legal repercussions and violence remain impediments to free and independent journalism in Cambodia, according to a survey released on Wednesday in a report by the Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM).

Amid Truck Traffic, Experts Eye Rail System

Demand for cheaper and more reliable cargo transport in Cambodia is putting new pressure on the country to modernize and expand its long-ignored rail system, experts say.

Passenger Train to Resume Operations on April 9

After a 14-year wait, scheduled passenger train services between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville will resume on April 9, according to a statement issued by Royal Railways on Monday.

UN Food Agency Extends Its Program to Reach Rural Areas

The U.N. World Food Program (WFP) has extended its operations in Cambodia by 30 months and increased its funding by $46 million to focus on achieving greater food security for children in rural areas, a foreign ministry official said Wednesday.

Prime Minister Pushes Infrastructure Investment

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday said Cambodia needed to rapidly increase investment in its road, rail, sea and air links if it is to take advantage of regional integration and remain internationally competitive.

EU Protection to Help Curb Fake Kampot Pepper

Kampot Pepper, famed for its powerful fragrance, has become the first Cambodian product to be registered with a protected label in the E.U., according to a statement released this week, raising hopes that the production of imitation goods will slow.

European Imports of Cambodian Bicycles Up

Despite concern from the E.U. that Cambodia is being used by Chinese bicycle makers to avoid an anti-dumping duty, the bike industry has maintained strong export growth to Europe, according to the latest data from the European Commission (E.C.).

Oil Exploration Drilling In Block D Still Unclear

More than a year after receiving permission to start exploratory drilling, Mirach Energy, a Singapore-based oil exploration and production company, is still unsure about when it will be able to commence drilling in Cambodia’s Block D offshore oil field because the Ministry of Mines and Energy has not come to a decision on fees for the block, according to its 2015 financial report released Tuesday.

Prime Minister Opens Facebook Inbox to Graft Complaints

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday encouraged citizens to send corruption complaints to his personal Facebook inbox, with attached evidence, in what he said was a move to bolster anti-graft efforts.

$15 Million Loan to Augment ADB Training Programs

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Tuesday announced a 50 percent increase in financial support for its technical and vocational education and training (TVET) initiatives in Cambodia.

Malaysia Energy Firm to List Subsidiary on CSX

Pestech International Berhad, a Malaysian power technology firm, announced its intention to list a local subsidiary on the Cambodia Securities Exchange in a disclosure sent to Bursa Malaysia, the Malaysian stock market operator, on Thursday.