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EU Concerned, But No Threats to Cut Cambodia Aid, Trade

The European Union has called on Cambodia to release 21 jailed activists and protesters and told the government during high level talks held here this week that a failure to reform the judiciary and electoral process could have severe consequences for the ruling party by the time of the 2018 national election.

From Phnom Penh to Kiev, People Are Calling for Change

At first glance you may not think Ukraine and Cambodia have much in common. Think again.

Global Fund Reveals Bribes to Officials in Cambodia

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria announced Thursday that it had suspended contracts with two international suppliers of mosquito nets after it discovered they had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to two Cambodian officials over the course of five years.

Aid Worker Claims Fabricated Stories Are Common

Weighing in on revelations that fabricated sexual slavery stories were used to promote the work of Agir Pour Les Femmes en Situation Precaire in Cambodia, which was founded by global anti-trafficking activist Somaly Mam, a longtime aid worker said that staff at the organization were aware that some victims were not in the desperate situations they claimed to be.

Once Coached for TV, Now Asked to Keep Quiet

The woman who claims she was coached by global anti-sex trafficking advocate Somaly Mam to fabricate a story of sexual slavery for French television in 1998 says she has been approached by a Somaly Mam Foundation staff member, who has begged her to stop talking to the media.

Thousands Join Opposition Rally in Phnom Penh

At least 20,000 opposition supporters made their way to Freedom Park in Phnom Penh on Wednesday morning to begin the first of a three-day demonstration designed to urge signatories of the Paris Peace Agreement to intervene in the country's current political deadlock.

The Rise of the Somaly Mam Foundation

Since its creation in 2007, the Somaly Mam Foundation has attracted top U.S. business leaders and Hollywood stars to the worthy cause of combating the trafficking of children into Cambodia’s sex industry.

Sex Slave Story Revealed to be Fabricated

Meas Ratha was a teenager when she appeared on French television telling a tragic tale of how she was sold to a brothel in Phnom Penh and imprisoned as a young sex slave. Now, almost 16 years since her story was first broadcast on the France 2 channel, Ms. Ratha and members of her family have revealed that her story of abuse was carefully fabricated and rehearsed, on the instruction of Cambodia’s then-emerging anti-sex trafficking celebrity activist Somaly Mam.

Violent Mob, Police Attack Peaceful Protesters

Riot police and groups of men in plain clothes armed with sticks, Tasers and slingshots violently attacked a group of anti-eviction protesters conducting a hunger strike at Wat Phnom late last night, injuring several people.

Illegal Construction Rampant in Angkor Heritage Site

In the months leading up to Cambodia’s national election on July 28, authorities in the Angkor Archaeological Park allowed dozens of land owners to build new houses and develop plots of land inside highly protected areas of the world heritage site.

Siem Reap’s Secret Multimillion Dollar Land Swap

More than three years after the government carried out Cambodia's largest-ever land swap deal in the heart of Siem Reap city, questions remain over who exactly benefited from the secretive deal that was conducted with no public tender and zero transparency.

Government’s Fears of Coup Seen as Exaggerated

Rights workers and analysts say that the most recent warnings of an opposition-backed coup are a sign of an increasingly paranoid government and a blatant threat to scare the population away from holding demonstrations.

Sok An Relative Appointed to Head CNPA

The government earlier this year appointed Sok Khavan, the nephew of Deputy Prime Minister Sok An, to the position of director-general of the Cambo­dian National Petroleum Authority, Cambodia’s top institution in regulating the exploration and extraction of oil and gas.

Voters Weigh Choice Between Continuity and Change

From interviews with dozens of voters in Phnom Penh, where both the Cambodia National Rescue Party and ruling CPP held massive rallies over the weekend, it is clear that election fever has set in, and views are clearly varied on how the country has fared over the last five years.

Apsara Authority to Assess Development Prospects at Angkor

The government agency that manages the Angkor Archeological Park has signed an agreement with one of China’s largest construction companies to conduct feasibility studies on how to build unspecified “development” projects inside the 401-square-km World Heritage Site.

Children Less Visible in Sex Industry, Yet Abuse Persists

Exploitation of children in Cambodia’s commercial sex industry has reduced significantly compared to the early 2000s due to improved law enforcement, but the targeting of minors for sex remains a serious issue, and predators are changing tactics to prey on the young, according to a new report.

Cambodia Airports Comes Under Attack by a Former Executive

Philippe Laurent became secretary-general of Cambodia Airports in May 2008. He was one of six senior executives in charge of the country's international airports in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and the little-used facility in Sihanoukville.

US Role in the Region Dependent on Successful Courting of China

The U.S. must actively compete with the rising influence of China while making sure that areas where the two nations differ do not lead...

Ministry Lists Fees to Help Firms Avoid Graft Claims

The government has publicly issued lists showing the costs of fees that businesses must pay to authorities for various services, in an effort to help companies avoid making informal payments made illegal by the anticorruption law.

Investment Dispute Over Luxury Hotel Drags On

A prolonged court case between two French investors in Siem Reap’s landmark Victoria Angkor hotel is at a standstill after auditors ordered by the...