Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Letter to the Editor: CPP Faces Moment of Reckoning Over Agriculture Failures

In the face of the deepening rice sector crisis, the government’s recent measures—including a cash influx directed toward millers—are nothing but clumsy stopgaps that may bring slight, artificial and temporary relief, but do not solve at all the problem of Cambodia’s collapsing agriculture industry.

Opinion: Criticism of ‘Calling for Mass Demonstrations’ Is Irrelevant

The article “Skepticism as CNRP Seeks to Reprise 2013” (September 17-18), particularly with the quote “I think everyone would love that, sitting comfortably in beautiful Paris and calling for mass demonstration,” distorts my think­ing by ignoring the nuances and prudent considerations as reflected in my answers to questions from The Cambodia Daily.

Opinion: Misguided Analysis Ignores CNRP’s Many Policy Proposals

In his analysis “Amid Chaos, Time for CNRP to Get Serious” (August 3), Alex Willemyns insists that the CNRP has not addressed the real and serious problems facing Cambodia and that I, in particular, as opposition leader, have essentially used my Facebook page to engage in trivial disputes with the ruling CPP, thus leaving aside fundamental issues such as “the country’s dilapidated health care system, lack of serious education options and unremitting corruption, while hundreds of thousands of young people have fled abroad in search of work.”

Opinion: Deciding Not to Return Was the Only Responsible Choice

In “Government Runs Amok as Opposition Leaders Absent” (April 29), political analyst Ou Virak reportedly said “the present situation might look different had Mr. Rainsy had the courage to return to Cambodia and stare down his jail sentence in November, as he promised to do in a public speech,” meaning I changed my plans without serious reasons.

Opinion: Defending Border Work, Government Spokesman Shows Real Racism

In “Once Again, Rainsy ‘Pokes The Waist’ of Government on Border” (April 14), Council of Ministers spokesman Phay Siphan tries to deflect my criticism of the government’s handling of the border issue with Vietnam. But he finds no better argument than pointing to my mother who, according to some allegations, was of Vietnamese descent.

Opinion: PRK Killed King Sihanouk ‘Morally and Politically’ in 1970s

In “Rainsy Charged with Defamation Over Sihanouk Allegations” (March 31), it was reported that “the Phnom Penh Municipal Court has again charged opposition leader Sam Rainsy with defamation, following a complaint that he sullied National Assembly President Heng Samrin by claiming that the government he led in the 1980s had sentenced King Norodom Sihanouk to death.”

Opinion: Struggling Local Rice Sector a Result of Government Neglect

The article “Under Fire, Rice Federation Vows Action” (March 10) exposes the crisis facing Cambodia’s rice sector. The looming collapse of the sector would have far-reaching economic, social and political consequences, given the population’s heavy reliance on agriculture in general and the rice industry in particular.

Opinion: Vietnamese Meddling Helped The Khmer Rouge Take Power

In “PM Nixes Ban on Dual-National Party Leaders” , you also exposed the lingering controversy surrounding the historical and political meaning for Cambodia of the January 7, 1979 event: liberation from the Khmer Rouge, or invasion and occupation of our country by the Vietnamese army, or both?