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—Letter to the Editor—Women’s Ministry Condemns Rape Comment

The Women’s Affairs Ministry expresses its dismay and disappointment over the inappropriate comments by Meas Rithy, television host and deputy director of Hang Meas TV, about the rape and murder of a Cambodian woman, which he delivered during the “Morning News Show” on the TV channel on August 10.

Letter to the Editor: Cambodians Overseas Have the Right to Vote

Regarding your article “CNRP Will Propose Changes to Allow Voting From Abroad” (August 7), the Committee for Election Rights of Overseas Cambodians (CEROC) would like to respond.

Letter to the Editor: 1998 Ministry Attack an ‘Assassination Attempt’

In “From the Archives” dated August 4, The Cambodia Daily reminded its readers of an event that took place 19 years ago but still reflects the present political situation in Cambodia. The August 21, 1998 article titled “Attack at Interior Leaves 1 Dead; Rainsy Shaken” covers three points that, in my eyes, are more topical than ever.

Letter to the Editor: ‘Yuon’ May Be Incorrect, but Not Offensive

In a description of my political activities under the title “The Provocateur” (July 7), the article’s author, Ben Paviour, points to my using the term “Yuon” for “Vietnam” or “Vietnamese,” a word that—he says—“can have racist undertones.”

Letter to the Editor: Khmer Rouge Tribunal Defense Is Off Track

I read with interest The Cambodia Daily’s article “Tribunal Bias Is Like Boxing with Hands Tied, Defense Says” (June 19). I think the defense is clearly off track in their search for evidence to find the Khmer Rouge to be less of a monster.

Letter to the Editor: CCC Project Not Fully Reflected in Article

First, I would like to thank The Cambodia Daily who reported on Wednesday about the launch of our project “Strengthening Civil Society for Democratic and Sustainable Development in Cambodia.”

Letter to the Editor: Journalists Play Important Role in Elections

As media professionals, we welcome the Ratanakkiri Provincial Court’s rule in favor of our media colleagues who have been accused of incitement during the ongoing commune election campaign, covered in “Complaint Against Two Cambodia Daily Reporters Rejected” (May 30).

Letter to the Editor: Is Cambodia Going Down the Road to Elimination Again?

I have some knowledge of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, and have embraced some moral and ethical values from each of these religions. This has made me wonder how those Christians gathered in that huge conference hall really felt and what they thought about such a “tirade” or “a mammoth three hour rant” as the Daily saw that address.

Letter to the Editor: Cambodians Should Vote With Heads, Hearts

When your houses are flooded every time there is a downpour of rain, you and other potential voters may not feel comfortable or satisfied. “Blame the downpour of the rain, blame the sewage system, blame people littering, blame the sand filling of lakes or blame the poor management of city development.”

A Salute to ‘A Man for All Regimes’ Article

As you pointed out, he is a rare career public servant and politician who prudently managed to retain favor with several regimes, and safely navigate through arguably the most trying times in Cambodia’s recent history.

Letter to the Editor: Fighting Deforestation Can Reduce Poverty

The figure of poverty distribution included in the article “Shifting Economy Feeds Nation’s Uncertain Politics” (May 11) illustrates the striking concentration of poverty in areas of Cambodia where deforestation is highest.

Letter to the Editor: Cham Have Been Betrayed Long Enough

I would like to express my appreciation to CPP lawmaker Suos Yara for bringing up an interesting issue about the Cham community in his letter “Cham Voters Must Consider CNRP’s Racism” (March 24).

Letter to the Editor: Cham Voters Must Consider CNRP’s Racism

In response to the article titled “In Phnom Penh, Cham Quietly Drift Away from Ruling Party,” (March 22), I believe that this article is misleading. According to my own survey, I do not believe that Cham people living in Phnom Penh—about 25,000, according to a scholar from the Documentation Center of Cambodia—have altered their support for the CPP, especially when they still clearly remember that it was the CPP that rescued them from the clutches of the Khmer Rouge genocide.

Letter to the Editor: Cambodia Needs to Nurture Culture of Tolerance

It was sad to read about the worsening climate of free speech and press freedom in Cambodia in the article “At Capital Coffee Shops, Political Conversations Tainted by Fear,” (March 17).

Letter to the Editor: Campaign Slogan Is Not Enough to Sway Voters

In my opinion, Russei Keo commune chief Moul Virak and Phnom Penh City Hall spokesman Met Measpheakdey are justified in believing that the CNRP campaign slogan would most likely be perceived as being directed at the CPP commune chiefs.

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Honest and Good Commune Chiefs

After reading CPP lawmaker Suos Yara’s letter, “New CNRP Slogan Deserves More Scrutiny” (March 13), readers may be forgiven for laughing out loud. How could a slogan break a party or steal supporters?

Letter to Editor: New CNRP Slogan Deserves More Scrutiny

I am writing in response to the article “Attacks on Slogan Grow; Party Law Takes Effect” (March 10).

Letter to the Editor: Distancing From MFIs Not Cure for Debtors

In “Mobile Firms Told to Spread Message: MFIs Not State-Run” (February 23) there are reports that Prime Minister Hun Sen is pulling the country’s mobile operators into his campaign to portray microfinance institutions (MFIs) as private entities.

Letter to the Editor: Jolie Film Offers Chance to Discuss the Past

Germany and Cambodia have a cruel history in common. The genocide and mass atrocities of the Khmer Rouge mirrored the German genocide and war crimes committed during the Nazi regime from 1933 to 1945.

Letter to the Editor: All News With Favor, When Covering Trump

The motto on the front page of The Cambodia Daily proclaims: “All the News Without Fear or Favor.” Unfortunately this is not true—for many...