‘Immense body of knowledge’ at stake in Cambodia’s Prey Lang as deforestation soars

Researchers have launched a new book that catalogs hundreds of plant species from Cambodia’s Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary that have known medicinal uses.

“This book won’t stop deforestation, but it can show what’s at stake, what we will lose if we lose Prey Lang,” said Nerea Turreira-Garcia, assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen, at the Nov. 14 launch of Gifts from Nature, a book she co-authored with Dimitris Argyriou, community engagement and technology specialist at Forest & Peoples Organization.

The book documents the wide range of flora found in Cambodia’s Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary and a multitude of uses that communities who live in and around the forest have found for them.

In full: https://news.mongabay.com/2023/12/immense-body-of-knowledge-at-stake-in-cambodias-prey-lang-as-deforestation-soars/

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