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Model who fled UK and taunted police with exotic holiday snaps arrested in Cambodia

Terrence Murrell, 31, was jailed for 37 months in October 2018 after being convicted of dealing steroids and was due in court last month.

Backpacker Amelia Bambridge’s body ‘cremated in Cambodia before ashes are flown home’

Police in Cambodia say British backpacker Amelia Bambridge's family have chosen to cremate her body before taking her home.

Backpacker died in Cambodian hostel after buying over-the-counter medication

Natalie Seymour and her friend Abbey Gail Amisola were taken ill with severe sickness and diarrhoea and brought an unknown medication before dying hours after.

Legendary ancient ‘lost city of King of the Gods’ uncovered in Cambodia

Although scientists knew of Mahendraparvata's existence, they have never definitively been able to say where it is.

Teacher scarred in garage blast ‘hates face so much’ she struggles to leave house

Zoe Eleftheriou, 22, suffered burns to 40 per cent of her body following a gas explosion in Cambodia, and says she feels 'upset' by people’s reaction to her when she summons up courage to go out.

Restaurateur kills friend and dismembers body because ‘she could not repay debt’

Tim Sophal chopped up her friend's body with a meat cleaver before dumping parts of it in a river in Cambodia.

Brit nurse reunited with woman she saved aged 14 from Pol Pot’s Killing Fields

Vichuta Ly and Anne Watts forged an unbreakable bond that saved the lives of thousands of children driven from their homes during Pol Pot's reign of terror.

‘How I went from bloodied Killing Fields of Cambodia to working at Sainsbury’s’

A solitary photo of his parents together is the only picture Sokphal Din still has of his dad.

Everything you need to know about Cambodia from jungle temples to the hidden magic...

We've put together a guide to the best things to see and do in Cambodia from amazing temples to exploring capital Phnom Penh