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Bereaved family of Cambodian worker seeks industrial accident compensation

The bereaved family of a Cambodian migrant worker who died here a year ago in poor living conditions, has filed a claim for industrial accident compensation.

Advocacy group launched to improve labor conditions for Cambodian migrant workers

In December last year, a Cambodian migrant worker in her 30s was found dead inside a greenhouse that was being used as accommodation for foreign workers at a farm in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province. The death shed light on the poor working and housing conditions of migrant workers here.

DGB chief urged to resign after alleged bribery in Cambodia

DGB Financial Group Chairman Kim Tae-oh was indicted Monday for allegedly giving $3.5 million to a Cambodian broker last year to obtain a commercial banking license from the Southeast Asian country's financial authorities.

Cambodia hopes to attract more investment via Korea-Cambodia FTA

Korea and Cambodia inked a free trade agreement (FTA), Oct. 26, paving the way for strengthened ties between the two countries as...

KB Kookmin buys additional 30% stake in Cambodian microfinance unit

Major South Korean lender KB Kookmin Bank said Wednesday it has acquired an additional 30 percent stake in its Cambodian microfinance unit.

KOICA aid targets COVID-19-hit Cambodians

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is supplying 15,000 sets of food and hygiene products for Cambodians who had migrated to neighboring countries but returned home after their livelihoods were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cambodian residents outraged after man found not guilty of killing Cambodian wife

Cambodian residents here are furious over a recent court ruling that acquitted a Korean man of charges of killing his Cambodian wife in a "disguised" car accident in order to receive insurance benefits.

Korea’s Cambodian carom queen banks on Southeast Asia

Sruong Pheavy, Korea's top-ranked three-cushion carom player and world's No.2, wants more than just to win more games.

KB Kookmin Bank expands presence in Cambodia, Myanmar

KB Kookmin Bank has gained two important footholds for its continuous expansion in Southeast Asia ― Cambodia and Myanmar.

Woori Bank accelerates expansion in Cambodia

Woori Bank said Sunday it integrated two of its subsidiaries in Cambodia, as a means to grow into a leading financial firm in the Southeast Asian country.

Cambodia shuts down North Korean businesses to comply with UN sanctions

The Cambodian government has shut down all businesses operated by North Koreans in the country to comply with United Nations sanctions.

Hard life, big dreams: Former Cambodian gang member takes modeling world by storm

To take care of his old parents and young sisters financially, being the first child, and as well the sole financial provider in the family, Lokin toils at work for more than 13 hours of day, working as a waiter at a restaurant in Cambodia, a valet parking agent, also part-time as a photographer and graphic designer to earn as much money as he can.

Korean banks seek cash cow in Cambodia

Korea's commercial banks are expanding their presence in Cambodia by providing differentiated financial services for customers, bank officials said Thursday.

Departing for volunteer services in Cambodia

Employees of the Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) and members of Korean Open Doctors Society pose at Incheon International Airport, Tuesday, before departing for Cambodia for medical volunteer services. The team will carry out services through June 9, at a public health center in Siem Reap Rumchek.

Korea, Cambodia seek to strengthen economic ties

Officials and academics from Korea and Cambodia discussed furthering economic cooperation at a symposium hosted by The Hankook Ilbo and The Korea Times, Monday.

Korean man killed, dismembered in Cambodia

A Korean man was found dead and dismembered in an apparent homicide in Cambodia five months ago but the investigation has made little progress, according to the Korean Embassy in Phnom Penh Saturday.

Autopsies set for two Koreans who died in Cambodia

Korea will perform autopsies on two Korean students who died in Cambodia last week after doctors there failed to determine the cause of their deaths.

Mystery surrounds deaths of two Korean students in Cambodia

Two Korean university students have died of an unknown cause while doing volunteer work in Cambodia, school officials said Thursday.

Cambodian bride now Korea’s carom sensation

When the daughter of a potato farmer came to Korea from Cambodia in 2010 to start the second chapter of her life as the wife of a Korean man 36 years older, Srong Pheavy, like any other marriage migrant woman here, had no idea what was coming.