Bereaved family of Cambodian worker seeks industrial accident compensation

The bereaved family of a Cambodian migrant worker who died here a year ago in poor living conditions, has filed a claim for industrial accident compensation.

A committee comprised of 26 civic groups and legal organizations formed upon the death of the individual, Nuon Sokkheng, commenced the compensation procedure on behalf of her family, who is in Cambodia, Monday, the first anniversary of her death.

Sokkheng, 31, was found dead in a greenhouse made of plastic sheeting on a farm in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province, where she had been living. The heating system was not working in the facility that day, despite a cold spell in the region. Although her direct cause of death was liver disease, advocacy groups said that the poor living conditions exacerbated her health, and that this case shows the dire living conditions many migrant workers face in Korea.

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