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Siem Reap Bar Owner Gets 10 Years for Child Sex Crimes

A Siem Reap bar owner and real estate developer who previously was investigated in one of Australia’s most infamous cold cases was sentenced on Tuesday in Australia to more than 10 years in prison for a series of child sex crimes dating back to the 1960s.

Gov’t Says New Visa Renewal Requirements May Be Delayed

The enforcement of a new regulation that would require companies to vouch for foreign employees seeking to renew their long-term visas may be postponed beyond the start of next month, pending discussions among immigration officials this week, an official said on Monday.

Grace Opportunity for Visa Extension Work Permit Requisite

Foreigners seeking to renew their long-term Cambodian visas after the start of September are to be given a one-time grace period in which their employer can submit a letter vouching for them rather than provide a work permit, according to a popular visa agent who said he was contacted directly by immigration officials.

Grape Expectations

Amid fields of rice in Battambang province, one family branched out into grapes, creating Cambodia’s first bottles of locally-produced wine. Now they have their sights set on conquering the juice market.

Without Business Permit, Foreigners Will Be Denied Long-Term Visa

News circulated on Thursday that foreigners without work permits would no longer be eligible for long-term visas after the turn of the month, a significant change in policy that could not be confirmed with immigration officials.

Two-Tier Exam Monitoring Is Contentious—But Effective

“It’s very strict,” said Say Thalina, 18, who had just sat for the exam that will decide whether she can go to university. “I could not even move my neck or the proctor would come up and yell at me.”

Exam Reform Subtracts Poor From Equation

SAMRAONG TONG District, Kompong Speu - The education minister’s message for students finishing high school has been heard loud and clear since the reform of the national completion exam four years ago: Merit will buy you a pass grade—not money.

UN: Cambodia ‘Approaching a Precipice’ Amid Threats, Fear

The U.N.’s human rights envoy to Cambodia condemned the government’s recent violent rhetoric, court action against politicians and attacks against NGOs that have ramped up ahead of a key national election next year, arguing that the country appeared to be “approaching a precipice.”

Four Years Later, National Exam Reforms Are Bearing Fruit

The more than 100,000 students filing into high schools across the country this morning to sit for the national high school completion exam typically have a different attitude toward their studies than those who took the exam four years ago, according to experts across the board.

Legal System Failing to Protect Youths, Children: UN Envoy

Cambodia’s legal system is failing its youth, with juveniles being lumped into overcrowded prisons alongside adults, and child victims lacking proper protection from their perpetrators, the U.N.’s human rights envoy to Cambodia said on Friday.

Protection of Children Falls Short in Prisons, Courtrooms: UN Envoy

Cambodia’s legal system is failing its youth, with juveniles being lumped into overcrowded prisons alongside adults, and child victims lacking proper protection from their perpetrators, the U.N.’s human rights envoy to Cambodia said Friday.

Voter Registration System a Stride Toward Democracy: UN Envoy

The U.N. envoy to Cambodia on Thursday lauded the development of the country’s electronic voter registration system ahead of recent commune elections as a step toward “more fair and transparent elections.”

Ambitious Effort to Place Kids in School Hits Target Early

More than 57,000 school-aged children have been returned to the classroom by a project targeting the country’s estimated 300,000 children who are not attending school full-time, those involved in the effort said.

Report: New Laws Undercut Constitutional Freedoms, Rights

Newly-enacted laws have jeopardized the freedoms laid out by the Constitution and, having been widely misapplied by officials, left less than 12 percent of Cambodians surveyed confident in exercising their rights, according to an NGO report released on Thursday.

Cambodia Urges Patience in Making Asean, N Korea Statements

During Asean’s 50-year anniversary, the Cambodian government encouraged members of the regional bloc to exercise patience in drafting statements against North Korean missile use in order to minimize regional tensions, Foreign Affairs Minister Prak Sokhonn said at a briefing following his return from Manila.

Curses Cast as Court Upholds 30-Month Tep Vanny Sentence

Human rights observers in Cambodia and abroad on Tuesday decried the court’s continued incarceration of leading grassroots activist Tep Vanny after the Court of Appeal upheld her 30-month prison sentence for an intentional violence charge.

From Housewife to Grassroots Warrior: The Rise of Tep Vanny

Amid one of the biggest mass evictions since the Khmer Rouge—3,000 families violently expelled from Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak neighborhood in 2008—protracted protests turned shop owners and housewives into full-time activists.

Orphanage Oversight Passed to Provincial, Local Authorities

Oversight of orphanages across the country will be placed in the hands of provincial and local authorities in an attempt to cut down on bureaucracy and administrative delays, according to a sub-decree released to the public on Thursday.

Project Aims to Send Children in Orphanages Home

BATTAMBANG CITY - Though they live in orphanages, an estimated 13,000 children in facilities across Cambodia have at least one living parent. As part of a sea change in government policy in a country with a checkered history with orphanages, officials in Battambang province on Tuesday kicked off a pilot program that aims to return children to their families.

China Funded 70% of Cambodian Roads, Bridges: Minister

About 70 percent of roads and bridges in Cambodia have been funded by China, with loans for their financing adding up to about $2 billion, government-aligned Fresh News reported the transport minister as saying on Friday.