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Cambodia: Investigate Thai Activist’s ‘Disappearance’

Cambodian authorities should immediately divulge the whereabouts of Wanchalearm Satsaksit, a prominent Thai activist who was forcibly disappeared in Phnom Penh on June 4, 2020, Human Rights Watch said today.

Cambodia: End Crackdown on Opposition

The Cambodian government should end its crackdown on the political opposition carried out since the outbreak of Covid-19, Human Rights Watch said today.

Cambodia: Thai Activist Abducted in Phnom Penh

Urgently Locate Wanchalearm Satsaksit

Cambodia’s Proposed Criminal Justice Reforms Should Go Further

Joint Statement by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch

Joint Statement on Repatriation of Cambodia Nationals to Cambodia

We, the undersigned civil society groups, call on the Cambodian government to immediately and safely repatriate a large group of Cambodian nationals currently stuck in Malaysia.

Cambodia: Covid-19 Spurs Bogus ‘Fake News’ Arrests

Renewed Crackdown on Opposition Supporters, Critics.

Cambodia: Prisons Potential COVID-19 Epicenters

Reduce Overcrowding by Releasing Low-Risk and Vulnerable Prisoners.

Cambodia: Emergency Bill Recipe for Dictatorship

COVID-19 Crisis Pretext for Hun Sen to Seek Unlimited Powers, Go After Critics.

Cambodia: COVID-19 Clampdown on Free Speech

Cambodian authorities should stop arresting people for expressing concerns about COVID-19’s impact in Cambodia and claiming they are spreading so-called “fake news,” Human Rights Watch said today.

Cambodia: Environmental Activists Harassed

Cease Using Abusive Investigations, Laws to Silence Critics.

Cambodia: Drop Case Against Opposition Activist

The Cambodian government should ask the Court of Appeal to quash the conviction and order the release of Kong Mas, Human Rights Watch said today.

EU Partially Suspends Trade Preferences

Hun Sen Responsible for Decision Because of Worsening Human Rights Situation.

Opposition Leader’s Trial Blocked to Public

Permit Media, Rights Monitors at Kem Sokha Hearings

Cambodia: Drop Charges Against 2 Journalists

Bogus Radio Free Asia Case Drags On

Cambodia: Repression of Opposition Increases

The Cambodian government stepped up its crackdown on political opposition members and activists over the past year, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2020.

Cambodia: Drop Charges Against Journalists

Trial of 2 Ex-Cambodia Daily Reporters Part of Broader Media Crackdown.

Cambodia: Access to Information Bill Falls Short

Needs Revisions to Comply with International Standards.

Cambodia: Drop Charges Against Opposition Leader

EU Should Press for Dismissal of Kem Sokha Case.

Cambodia: Drop Case Against Opposition Leader

EU Should Demand Restoration of Kem Sokha’s Political Rights.

Cambodia: Wave of Opposition Arrests

Governments, Donors Should Demand Release of Political Prisoners.