Monday, September 28, 2020
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Cambodia now ranking as more expensive than Vietnam

Cambodia is now officially one of Southeast Asia’s most expensive countries for expats.

Is Cambodia the next hub for digital nomads?

Is Cambodia the next hotspot for younger expat professionals? 

Expats in Cambodia to welcome electricity generators from Europe

Regular power cuts are a reality in many Southeast Asian developing nations and are annoying and inconvenient for expats and citizens alike.

Expats and locals in Cambodia fear total Chinese takeover

As China continues its encroachment into Cambodia, expats as well as locals are beginning to fear the end result. 

Siem Reap’s Fabulous French Week tempts would-be expats to Cambodia

If you’re living in another Southeast Asian country and considering a permanent change of scene in Cambodia, the upcoming Siem Reap French Week 2019 is a great reason for an exploratory visit.