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OOA forms ‘Hotel Siem Reap’ in Cambodia to recall the form of wine making...

Hong Kong-based studio orient occident atelier (OOA) envisions a hotel in the Cambodian city of Siem Reap, an area famous for the Angkor Wat temple complex.

Orient Occident Atelier designs Cambodia school as a climbable and reconfigurable structure (video)

OOA positioned classrooms at ground level, allowing the spaces to engage directly with the school’s immediate context.

Agriculture center in Cambodia uses earth bricks, clay and bamboo for natural ventilation

A new community agriculture & technology center has launched in Krong Samraong, Cambodia, designed as a collaboration between squire & partners and SAWA for the green shoots foundation.

Smartuk – A modular, all electric tuk tuk for the streets of Cambodia

More common in Asia and Africa than in western countries, tuk tuks are three-wheeled cars typically used as novelty taxis and for public transportation, powered either by biking or fuel.

QASTIC proposes arched tree houses for affordable housing in Cambodia

Qastic lab’s proposal for affordable housing in Cambodia takes advantage of the local construction techniques, available materials, climate, thus facing the site limitations, sustainability considerations, the energy usage savings and the overall desirable low cost of the project.