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How I Fled Communist Genocide and Became the ‘Donut King’ of L.A.

Ted Ngoy, subject of the new documentary “The Donut King,” fled the Cambodian genocide to America, where he built a donut empire. He writes about his extraordinary journey.

‘Cambodian Rock Band’ Makes Music From Khmer Rouge Horrors, and Hero Worship in ‘All...

‘Cambodian Rock Band’ is an excellent part-play, part-rock concert about the legacy of the Khmer Rouge, while ‘All the Natalie Portmans’ makes the actor a much-loved ghost.

Brothers Had to Be Homeschooled After District Ignored Racist Bullying by Student Mob, Lawsuit...

Kameron and Noah Evans, who were adopted from Cambodia, say they faced years of physical and verbal racist attacks at their Arkansas high school, which is 87.5 percent white.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen: The Blood-Drenched Opportunist of Asia

He evolved from peasant to Khmer Rouge commander, then Khmer Rouge opponent, then an illiberal strongman tolerated by the West. Now as a Chinese client, his tyranny looks dynastic.

How The Marines Pulled Off an Impossible Rescue Mission in Cambodia

After the Khmer Rouge captured an American merchant ship, Staff Sgt. Fofomaitulagi Tulifua Tuitele led his men on a mission to save the crew. They had no idea what awaited them.