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The missing variable: How climate change is affecting Cambodian fish harvesters (video)

Sometimes scientists come up empty. The phenomenon they thought they'd find simply doesn't seem to exist.

‘We can see lives change’: Canadian charity opens centre for human trafficking victims

Before he retired from the RCMP, Brian McConaghy saw something that changed the course of his life.

Meet the ‘Mirror Man’ who’s on a mission to help fellow amputees

Almost 15 years ago, a motorbike accident in Italy left Stephen Sumner with an amputated left leg and a strange, debilitating condition known as phantom limb pain.

Two Canadians among those charged with ‘dancing pornographically’ in Cambodia

Cambodian prosecutors charged two Canadians and eight other foreigners Sunday with producing pornographic pictures after they were arrested at a party in Siem Reap town, near the country's famed Angkor Wat temple complex.