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Cambodia doesn’t only rely on China to fund its infrastructure projects, says transport minister

Chanthol Sun, Cambodia's minister for public works and transport, says it's "absolutely inaccurate" that the country fully relies on China for infrastructure investments.

How Cambodia’s digital payment system Bakong has increased local currency usage

Serey Chea, Assistant Governor of the National Bank of Cambodia explains what drove the significant adoption of their national blockchain payment system, and how Bakong has helped increase electronic transactions in the local currency, alongside the U.S. dollar.

China could have choked off the Mekong and aggravated a drought, threatening the lifeline...

A study released recently found that China is holding back large amounts of water upstream on the Mekong River, contributing to drought in the Southeast Asian countries downstream last year, according to a report from Eyes on Earth, a research and consulting firm specializing in water.

How Cambodia is using blockchain for payments

Serey Chea of the National Bank of Cambodia says the central bank wants to use blockchain in order to cut costs and increase the speed of cross-border, peer-to-peer transactions. She also discusses financial literacy in the country.

How a school in Asia is creating future entrepreneurial leaders — by opting out...

The working world is acknowledging the need to step away from the traditional 9-to-5 and embrace change.

Progress reported in race to find vaccine for deadly hog disease spreading across China

The race is underway to find a vaccine that can control African swine fever, a highly contagious and deadly viral infection ravaging China’s hog population.

The top 5 most affordable places to retire abroad

Retiring overseas doesn't have to take a big bite out of your budget. You can find beautiful places to live affordably — and even upgrade your lifestyle. Here are International Living's five cheapest places to retire abroad.

The Japan-China rivalry is playing out in Cambodia’s election

Japan's support of Cambodia's general election is viewed as a strategic maneuver to counter Chinese influence in the developing state.

The impact of trade tensions on Cambodia’s open economy

Cambodia's Secretary of State for its Ministry of Economy and Finance, Vongsey Vissoth, says trade accounts for "about 110 percent of GDP" while foreign direct investment and tourism make up an additional 11 and 13 percent respectively.

As Trump focuses on North Korea, a fast-growing country slips toward China

On a Saturday this past fall, hundreds of people were waiting in an hourlong line to climb the staircases of Angkor Wat. Legend has it that if you ascend to the third level of the huge 12th-century Hindu temple, you'll find the center of the universe. The news has reached China: Most of the tourists in the courtyard and at dozens of other ancient temples in the Cambodian jungle were Chinese.