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International Donors Urged to Confront Gov’t Attacks

Countries legitimizing Prime Minister Hun Sen’s regime and propping up the state budget with hundreds of millions of dollars in aid must take a stand now against mounting government attacks on NGOs and independent media, the opposition CNRP said this week.

Sugar Dispute Resolution Leaves Some Communities Out

The Land Management Ministry on Wednesday announced a plan to resolve a yearslong land dispute between thousands of villagers and well-connected sugar barons by early next month, though not all affected communities were included.

Community Resource Management Gets $6.1M

The World Wildlife Fund announced a $6.1 million expansion of a program designed to transfer direct management of resources from government administrations to local communities, more than doubling the project’s scope.

CNRP’s Inaction Over Media Pressure a Strategic Gamble

The country’s largest opposition party—and the only serious challenge to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s grip on power—doesn’t know what to do next. As many of Cambodia’s independent and opposition-aligned media outlets have been pressured or shuttered in recent weeks following an aggressive and widely condemned government crackdown, the CNRP has stayed relatively quiet, limiting itself to a few Facebook posts and the occasional news release.

Information Minister Denies Yingluck Fled Through Cambodia

Information Minister Khieu Kanharith on Sunday denied media reports that ousted Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who fled her home country amid an expected court appearance on Friday, had traveled through Cambodia on her way to Dubai.

Government ‘Purge’ of News Outlets Draws International Coverage

The government’s recent threats against independent media outlets and its expulsion of a pro-democracy NGO have drawn rare international interest, casting a harsh spotlight on the country’s ongoing crackdown.

NGOs Are Optimistic as Mining Regulations Move Forward

A report on the government’s efforts to install a new regulatory framework for a nascent mining industry paints an overall positive picture, while noting more than a dozen gaps in the rules that need to be addressed.

Rights Groups Raise Alarm Over Threats, Surveillance

Top staff members at Cambodia’s largest human rights organizations are reporting intensifying levels of harassment, surveillance, intimidation and threats, describing pervasive and unprecedented pressure nationwide ahead of next year’s national election.

Snap Trial of Hun Sen Critic Started, Delayed

The leader of a little-known opposition party was briefly brought to trial on Monday for insulting the military, an uncharacteristically rapid progression through the justice system following a warning from Prime Minister Hun Sen against anyone disparaging the armed forces.

Laos Border Dispute Leads to Critic’s Arrest

A frequent government critic was arrested on Sunday in the wake of a brief border dispute with Laos that saw armored vehicles paraded around Phnom Penh’s Independence Monument and Prime Minister Hun Sen fly into Vientiane to negotiate a resolution.

Waving Worthless Approval Papers, Angkor Villagers Lose Homes

nokor thom commune, Siem Reap province - Thoeun Chantrea’s cries of anguish pierced the calm forests of Angkor Archaeological Park on Thursday morning as authorities began to tear down a house she had begun building two months ago.

Authorities, Village Residents Set for Clash in Angkor Park

Authorities confirmed they plan to begin removing more than 500 homes and shops today that they say were built illegally inside Angkor Archaeological Park, while the chief of one of the affected villages said homeowners had no plans to

Chevron Subpoenaed Over Kem Ley Murder Case

Oil giant Chevron has been ordered by a U.S. district court judge to turn over a wide range of documents and information it may possess relating to the murder of political analyst Kem Ley at a Phnom Penh Caltex gas station in July last year.

CNRP Will Propose Changes to Allow Voting From Abroad

Opposition lawmakers plan to submit proposed amendments to the national election law next week in order to allow Cambodians who work and live outside the country to register and vote from abroad.

NEC Declines to Push Law for Overseas Voter Registration

The National Election Committee (NEC) will not be requesting an amendment to the election law to allow overseas voter registration or voting, the body’s chairman said on Thursday, a decision criticized by election and labor rights groups.

Takeo Man Charged for Facebook Post About Child Kidnapping

A man in Takeo province was charged with incitement and spreading false information after he posted on Facebook that two Vietnamese men had chased his wife’s niece, a story the 14-year-old girl and her family denied, a provincial court spokesman said

Jolie Criticized for Disputed Article on Khmer Rouge Film

A magazine article suggesting Angelina Jolie used a “disturbing” game to cast a child actress for the lead role in “First They Killed My Father,” the actress’ Khmer Rouge biopic, has been disputed by Ms. Jolie and one of the film’s producers.

As Company Clears Land, Bunong Villagers Fight for Ancestral Home

The land concession overlaps the site of the Bunong community’s old village, their spirit forest and their burial grounds—religiously significant areas that, according to Bunong beliefs, are not to be disturbed or logged at the risk of incurring the wrath of local spirits.

Dirty Business

As lakes are filled around Phnom Penh, sewage and flooding problems worsen. It’s a familiar story and Boeng Tompun presents the next chapter.

White Building Residents Say Move-Out Deadline Pushed

The few remaining families left inside Phnom Penh’s White Building have been given a reprieve after Land Management Ministry officials apparently extended a deadline for those holding out to leave their homes, according to a resident on Tuesday.