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Cambodia’s bicycle exports exceed 1.5 million units

The latest figures of the country’s Ministry of Commerce indicate an increasing number of exported regular bicycles.

Cambodia accelerates bicycle exports in 2020

Data from Cambodia’s customs department indicate that the country exported 1.1 million bicycles to the European Union in the first half of this year. The bicycle exports were valued at €205 million between January and July.

Cambodia sees Q1 surge in bicycle exports to meet increased demand

With coronavirus having a positive knock-on effect for cycling and bicycle purchases, Cambodia has also seen an upsurge in bicycle exports in the beginning of this year.

Look Inside Cambodia’s Bike Industry That’s on Verge of Losing EU Trade Benefits

They are somewhat secretive about the way they operate.

EU Warns Cambodia To Do More for Holding Trade Benefits

The European Union has published an extremely critical report in which it warns Cambodia that it has not taken enough steps to prevent a loss of its special trade privileges, noting particularly “further deterioration” of its human rights record since a review process was launched nine months ago.

Cambodian Bicycle Coalition Remains Positive on Outcome EU Review

The Cambodian Bicycle Coalition (CBC), representing the three bicycle manufacturers exporting to the European Union, is encouraged that Bike Europe reported on October 22, 2019 that Cambodia remains the largest supplier of bicycles to the EU during the first half of 2019.

Cambodia Remains EU’s Biggest Bike Supplier Despite Threat of Losing GSP+ Status

There’s again the threat that Cambodia could lose its duty-free export status on regular bicycles exported to the EU member states.

Cambodians Threaten to Relocate Bicycle Production to Neighboring Countries

EU’s biggest bike supplier Cambodia could lose its preferential trading terms.

Pressure on Cambodia Grows; Country Could Lose Duty Free Export Status

The EU formally informed Cambodia on February 11 it had begun a process that could result in the country losing its preferential trading terms because of its poor record on human rights and rule of law.

Cambodia Now EU’s Leading Bicycle Supplier

Is it a first sign of much more to come? That’s the big question when viewing the Eurostat data on the 2017 import of conventional bicycles into the EU 28 member states from countries outside the EU. After years of decline this import is growing again. Is it an indication that demand for regular bikes is rising?