Women of Cambodia Protest Proposed Law Against ‘Inappropriate Dress’ (video)

A law that will prevent women from wearing 'too short' dresses has created a stir among social liberals in Cambodia.

Many women of Cambodia have used social media as a platform to protest a proposed law being brought in by the government which will put restrictions on the dress that people in the country, especially women, can wear. This law prohibits dresses for women which are ‘too short’ and ‘too see-through.’ Men too will have to be careful. They can’t be shirtless when out of their homes.

The method of protest chosen by many of these women is to post pictures of themselves in skimpy outfits including swimsuits. One of the opponents of this proposed law has also started an online petition which has collected nearly 14,000 signatures as of now. This lady is a recent school pass-out Tan Molika.

In full: https://www.ibtimes.sg/women-cambodia-protest-proposed-law-against-inappropriate-dress-49755

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