U.S. State Department Calls on Cambodia to Release Jailed Activists

Following outcries from a number of international observers, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy Robert A. Destro has appealed to the Cambodian government on behalf of the growing number of activists being detained.

Senior US State Department officials on Sept. 15 urged the Cambodian government to immediately release of a series of activists who have been detained for their involvement in peaceful protests. Officials said that the US is deeply concerned about the arrests and wellbeing of those people.

Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy Robert A. Destro said that the rights to free expression and association are enshrined in the Cambodian Constitution.

“The US is deeply concerned about arrests of those exercising these freedoms and we urge the government to immediately release them, and allow all voices to be heard,” said Destro over his official Twitter account.

In full: https://cambodianess.com/article/us-state-department-calls-on-cambodia-to-release-jailed-activists

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