Two Killed, 3 Injured by Speeding Truck in Ratanakkiri

Police in Ratanakkiri province say they are searching for the driver of a truck who killed two teenagers and injured three others on Friday evening in two separate traffic accidents.

Khat Angkuok, 15, and Thunh Kathanh, 16, both ethnic Kreung, died at the scene after their motorbike was hit head-on by a truck driving west through O’Chum district on National Road 78, said Thak Lao, the district police chief.

Mr. Lao said a third man on their motorbike, along with two other people on a second motorbike, were also struck by the truck and suffered injuries.

According to an eyewitness account, he said, “the driver was speeding and swerving and hit the first moto….

The driver stopped, then drove about 20 meters and hit another moto.” Mr. Lao said the driver then abandoned the truck, which he had driven into a ditch, and remained at large as of Sunday.

Provincial deputy traffic police chief Yin Noeun said the truck belonged to Try San 168, a construction materials company that he said has contacted the families of the dead teenagers to negotiate compensation.

He said the company had offered each of the families 1 million riel (about $250) for funeral expenses.

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