TV Fundraising for Border Troops Continues

Local television stations are continuing their fundraising ef­forts to support Cambodian soldiers de­ployed on the Thai border, with several rounds of donations already going to troops in the disputed areas and toward the building of new roads to the Preah Vihear and Ta Moan temples, officials said Wednesday.

Today, state-run network TVK will distribute supplies to Preah Vi­hear provincial military units, Kem Gunawadh, director-general of TVK, said Wednesday.

Food supplies, motorbikes, televisions and radios and a small package of money will be distributed to troops on the frontline, he said, add­ing that TVK would also support injured soldiers and the families of the three soldiers killed in fighting with Thai forces last week.

Kem Gunawadh said he did not know how much money TVK had raised, as he was not in charge of the fund. He added it would be the network’s third distribution.

CTN has distributed $146,989 in food supplies, camping equipment and medicine to soldiers at Preah Vihear, Ta Moan and Ta Krabey temples, CTN production director Yok Chinda said.

Currently, CTN is attempting to raise $1 million to build an 8-km road to Ta Moan temple, Yok Chinda said, adding that $200,000 had been collected so far and construction would begin in the dry season.

“We hope Cambodians will contribute to our CTN fund,” she said.

Bayon TV has sent supplies to troops in Anlong Veng and at Preah Vihear and Ta Moan temple on five occasions and is now funding the renovation of the 3.6-km mountain road to Preah Vihear temple, the station’s deputy-director Rith Cheat­ra said. He added that 60 percent of the road has already been completed.

(Additional reporting by Paul Vrieze)




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