Times Investigation: He was a Hollywood darling for fighting dog meat trade. Butchers say he staged killings; he denies it

The videos are horrifying. In one, a black dog hangs by its neck, crying and convulsing as it is blowtorched alive. In another, a white dog dangles from a wooden beam, writhing in pain and terror.

The footage came from a 2016 trip to Asia by Marc Ching, a Los Angeles resident who spent nearly a decade in prison for a violent crime before transforming himself into a prominent leader in the local, national and international animal rights communities.

Ching has told supporters that those videos and others were recorded to document the torture and slaughter of dogs at meat markets in Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries in Asia with a limited but enduring trade in butchering the animals for human food.

In full: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-05-24/animal-cruelty-abuse-marc-ching-dog-meat

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