Thai man jailed for killing Chinese scammer in Cambodia dies in prison

A Thai man jailed for killing a Chinese member of a call centre scam gang in Cambodia has died in prison. The government was urged to help Thai people lured into working for unscrupulous scam gangs in Southeast Asia.

The 40 year old mother of the deceased, Boonraem Boonme, travelled from the central province of Sukhothai to the eastern province of Trat to collect the remains of her son, 25 year old Wachirawit Kongthong, who died of pneumonitis on November 6, in a prison in the Kampong Som City in Cambodia, also known as Sihanoukville.

Boonraem explained that her son was lured into working for a call centre gang a year earlier. Wachirawit was tortured when he failed to meet his targets. The Chinese gang members reportedly beat him up and attacked him with a stun baton.

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