S’ville Police Lieutenant Arrested for Selling Drugs

A lieutenant in the Sihanoukville police was arrested on Monday afternoon for selling methamphetamine, local military police said Tuesday.

Lieutenant Sok Dien, 35, his wife Yin Samneang, 27, and his nephew Em Vanneoun, 26, were all arrested by military police at their home in Sihanoukville’s Buon commune, where they were allegedly running an operation out of the house selling crystal methamphetamine, or “ice,” according to Major Chhay Vin, commander of the Sihanoukville military police.

“He confessed that [he knew] selling drugs was illegal under the law, but he was poor,” Maj. Vin said.

Military police seized seven small bags of crystal methamphetamine weighing 0.413 grams each from Lt. Dien’s home, as well as AK-47 and AK-59 assault rifles, Maj. Vin added.

The three suspects are now detained at the provincial military police office and are scheduled to be charged with drug distribution at the provincial court this morning.

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