Subedi Says Gov’t Handling of New Laws ‘Worrying’

The U.N.’s human rights envoy to Cambodia, Surya Subedi, expressed concern Tuesday about the lack of consultation on the government’s three judicial reform laws, saying that their enactment should not come at the cost of transparency.

Last week, the single-party National Assembly passed the trio of laws intended to strengthen the judicial system, with rights groups complaining that they were shut out of the drafting process.

Mr. Subedi said in a statement that he regretted the decision by the government not to make copies of the laws public.

“The lack of consultative process concerning the three draft fundamental laws does set a worrying precedent for future key legislation,” he said.

“I continue to call on the government to release for public and expert review all draft laws before the Council of Ministers as soon as possible, particularly those with implications for the realization and enjoyment of human rights.”

Mr. Subedi also urged the Senate and Constitutional Council of Cambodia to ensure the laws comply with international standards.

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