Slain Lawyer Was Probed In Australia

An Australian lawyer murdered in Cambodia in March was being investigated by police in his native country for involvement in drug trafficking and money laundering when he died, Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported Wednesday.

Max Green was found dead at the Hotel Sofitel Cambodiana eight months ago. He had been bludgeoned repeatedly on the back of the head with a brick and a marble table and then strangled with his own tie. Police found a large amount of cash in his room and believe that robbery was not a motive for the murder.

At the time of Green’s murder, the Law Institute of Victoria in Australia confirmed that the financial affairs of Green, 46, were under investigation for defrauding rich Australian investors of as much as $31 million in several elaborate scams. Shortly after his death, investigators discovered he had bank accounts in Thai­land, Hong Kong and the tax havens of Guernsey and Malta.

Investigators have already looked at a half dozen accounts and are trying to access a dozen more, although Green’s estate has been placed in bankruptcy because of claims from investors, the Australian Herald Sun reported Tuesday.

Green’s wallet, computer and second suitcase are mis­s­ing, the paper said. They are believed to be in the possession of his murderer. The newspaper also said the computer may hold more details of his business dealings.

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