Siem Reap Airport Workers Pledge to Continue Strike

About 150 employees at Siem Reap International Airport have vowed to continue striking Wednesday after rejecting a deal struck by management and union representatives that would have seen them return to work.

Morm Rithy, president of the Cambodia Tourism and Service Workers Federation, one of the unions representing the workers, said Tuesday that operations staff at Cambodia Airport Management Services, which employs some 500 people at the Siem Reap airport, began striking Monday after the company hired subcontractors, thereby undermining the union’s collective bargaining power, and made the workers do tasks outside their job descriptions.

Mr. Rithy said the company and union representatives met Tuesday and agreed that the workers would end their strike if the company promised to consider their demands.

However, Mr. Rithy said, “the employees do not trust the company and want to continue striking until they get a solution.”

Ron Ravann, president of the Cambodia Tourism Industry Worker Trade Union, another union acting on behalf of the workers, said the company has been ignoring employees’ concerns since last year.

“Previously, negotiations were not effective,” he said.

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