Science, Religion and Development Linked, Physicist Says

Nuclear physicist Farzam Ar­bab will be the guest speaker at a talk on science, religion and de­vel­opment Thursday in Phnom Penh. Educators, policy makers, NGO representatives and religious leaders are expected to at­tend the conference, which be­gins at 11 am at the Sunway Hotel.

Arbab went to Colombia as part of the University Develop­ment Program of the Rockefeller Foundation to strengthen the Universidad del Valle’s Depart­ment of Physics. He will discuss how a science education organization in Colo­mbia used spiritual principles in rural development.

He studied the relationship be­tween science, technology and education policy and their effects on development. This led him to take part in creation of the Foun­da­tion for the Application and Teaching of Science, which launched a development program in Colombia.

His talk will be in English with si­multaneous translation in Khmer. It is organized by the Cam­­­bodian Organization for Re­search, Development and Educa­tion. The speech is free.


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