Right-Hand Cars Ordered Off the Roads

Drivers of right-hand cars won’t be fined if they are stopped by police, but will instead be or­dered to immediately take the cars to be converted to left-hand drive—or else take them home and not drive them at all.

Sim Khandy, deputy director of cabinet at the Ministry of Public Works and Trans­por­tation, said vehicles would be stop­­ped beginning today, a deadline the government has been publicizing for two years.

Sim Khandy said he knew many of the approximately 20,000 right-hand drive owners remain angry about the law. He added that although no fines are contemplated at this time, any driver stopped who owes taxes on his vehicle will be fined.

A committee composed of three ministries has been formed to help get the cars converted by one of five companies licensed by the government.

Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.

Nhem Saran, director of the Phnom Penh Public Works Department, said municipal employees would begin cooperating today with Ministry of Public Works officials to get the cars converted.


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