Reporters Accused of Bribery

Two reporters at a small local newspaper were arrested Sunday in Phnom Penh after a businessman accused them of bri­bery, said Teap Kum, deputy police chief of Chamkar Mon district.

Nhem Bun Hout, editor of the Bakong newspaper, and a colleague were arrested after Nhem Bun Hout allegedly received a $500 bribe from Srey Sina, a representative of the Indochina Food Company, Teap Kum said.

Srey Sina told police his company gave $500 to the editor to stop Nhem Bun Hout from publishing a story about the company’s practices, police reports stated.

Srey Sina had reported the bribery attempt to police before the journalists collected the mon­ey, Teap Kum said.

The journalists were arrested at a restaurant where Srey Sina had arranged to meet and hand over the money.

The case will be sent to Mun­icipal Court today.

This is the second time in re­cent months that journalists were arrested after bribery allegations.

In March, a journalist was arrested for trying to extort $150 from a nightclub owner in return for not publishing a photograph linked to an assault case.


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