Ranariddh Heading to France for Check-Up

Prince Norodom Ranariddh will de­part at 10 am today for a medical checkup in France, Na­tional As­sembly Secretary-Gen­eral Kol Pheng said Sunday. 

Kol Pheng said he did not know how long the prince, who is president of the assembly and head of Funcinpec, will be gone.

The prince has been sharply criticized since the Feb 3 election for Funcinpec’s poor showing. He issued a news release Friday saying he plans to form a committee to study what the voters need and how Funcinpec can better re­spond to those needs.

The release said Funcinpec must fulfill its duties so voters “will not be disappointed again in the future.”

The prince also criticized the National Election Com­mit­tee for bias in favor of the CPP.

Despite all the problems, he wrote, “I still regard [the election] as a victorious step towards de­mo­cracy.”

Speaking with reporters Friday at the National Assembly, the prince said Funcinpec will “neither refuse nor accept” the election results until the final count is made and complaints are re­solved. “We will wait for the [NEC to act] on the complaints we sent in,” he said.

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