Rainsy Misses Court Date Over Conspiracy Charges

As expected, opposition leader Sam Rainsy failed to show up at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court for a scheduled questioning date on Friday, as he remains abroad after being hit with a slew of criminal charges and an arrest warrant in recent weeks.

Last month, Mr. Rainsy was sent a summons stating that he would be arrested if he did not appear before an investigating judge on Friday for questioning over provisional charges of being an accomplice to forgery and incitement.

The case is connected to that of opposition Senator Hong Sok Hour, who is on trial over a video he was involved in producing and posting to Mr. Rainsy’s Facebook page that contains an image of a forged border treaty.

“My client didn’t go, so there was nobody for me to accompany, so I didn’t go either,” said Mr. Rainsy’s lawyer, Choung Choungy.

He added that he was not concerned about the prospect of Mr. Rainsy’s arrest, which the government has declared will be imminent upon his return to Cambodia.

“I don’t think about it because it’s politically motivated, so Sam Rainsy will find a resolution through political means.” Judge Kor Vanndy, who was scheduled to question Mr. Rainsy on Friday, could not be reached.

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