Questions Arise Over Insurance, Compensation for Crashed Jet

As the families of those killed in June’s PMT Air plane crash wait to find out what compensation they may receive, questions have arisen over who insured the fatal flight.

PMT Director Sar Sareth said Wed­nesday that prominent insurance firm Lloyd’s of London insured PMT Air flight U4 241, which crashed in the mountains in Kam­pot province killing all 22 aboard.

However, Bart Nash, media-relations executive for Lloyd’s, said his firm did not provide coverage for flight U4 241.

“[W]e do provide insurance to PMT Air, but not this plane,” he wrote by e-mail. “PMT Air has policies with several different insurers for different air crafts,” he wrote.

Sar Sareth said he did not know why Lloyd’s would deny being the insurer.

On Monday, Kao Sivoeun, director of flight operations at the State Secretariat for Civil Aviation, said that all flights are required by law to be insured. He added that he did not know what firm insured flight U4 241.“The company should know,” he said.

Sar Sareth also said recently that the families of the 13 South Koreans who perished in the crash had al­ready been compensated financially. On Wednesday, however, Sar Sareth said that although compensation had been offered, the South Korean families have not accepted it.

“They have not been paid be­cause we have a slight problem,” he said.

He added that the insurer, which he claimed was Lloyds, has also not paid the families of the five Cambo­dians killed in the crash as the company is still awaiting documents proving their relation to the victims.

A PMT staff member, who asked to remain anonymous, said Wed­nes­day that PMT had already submitted documents proving the identities of the Cambodian families to the insurer. The staff member claim­ed that it was the insurance company, who he would not name, that was delaying the compensation process.

CPP lawmaker Cheam Yeap said an investigation of PMT’s insurance should be launched.

“But whether or not it has insurance, PMT should pay compensation to the victims,” he added.


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