Prison Visitor Caught Smuggling Meth Inside Her Bra

Guards at a maximum-security prison in Tbong Khmum province arrested a 32-year-old woman Monday morning after she attempted to smuggle 35 grams of crystal methamphetamine into the prison by hiding it in her bra, the prison director said Tuesday.

Kea Sovanna, director of Cor­rectional Center 3, said a female prison guard found the drugs while performing a routine search of Mao Yiv before allowing her to visit her cousin Korm Ratha, 38, an inmate.

“Our female prison guard checked everywhere on the suspect’s body and then found a plastic bag in the bra, so we found drugs and then arrested her immediately,” he said, adding that he suspected Mr. Ratha of planning to sell the methamphetamine to other prisoners.

Tbong Khmum police chief Mao Pov said Ms. Yiv was still being questioned at the provincial court Tuesday evening.

The country’s prison guards have been particularly effective at stopping would-be smugglers this year, with a woman arrested last month while attempting to sneak drugs into the Kandal Provincial Prison by hiding them in the neck of a cooked chicken and another woman arrested last week for trying to pass saws to an inmate in Prey Veng province by hiding them in a bottle of body wash.

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