Police Ordered to Monitor Jewelry Shops Around the Clock

National Police chief Neth Savoeun has issued an order to police to begin 24-hour monitoring of market jewelry shops and money exchanges, and warned officers they could be fired if they allow armed robberies to occur, according to a notice posted on the police’s website Monday.

The report on the National Police website says the order was sent out Saturday, the same day that three men armed with AK-47s, a revolver and an ax robbed tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of gold and platinum from a market in Pursat province’s Phnom Kravanh district.

“General Neth Savoeun, the National Police commissioner, has issued an urgent order to police nationwide to strengthen and keep security and safety in city centers, especially at jewelry or money exchange shops,” the National Police website report reads.

“[In] the urgent order, which was disseminated to police headquarters nationwide on Saturday, General Neth Savoeun also assigned all police headquarters to set up forces to operate 24 out of 24 hours at all markets and city centers, especially at the jewelry and money exchange shops that could have armed robberies.”

“In this order, General Neth Savoeun also warns in advance that police chiefs and the police forces responsible at all locations and bases could face inspections or removal from their positions if they are careless and let the armed robberies occur without responsibility on security and safety,” the report concludes.

Vorng Saveth, the police chief in Phnom Kravanh district, where Saturday’s armed robbery occurred, said he was not worried about the threat of losing his job.

“I welcome this order and am ready to follow the order,” he said. “It is a good thing and we have prepared ourselves to protect the people 24 hours out of 24 and have deployed our forces already to stop the crimes.”

Chou Sam An, police chief of Kompong Thom province, where there have been a number of armed robberies recently, said the order was delivered to all police via the smartphone application “WhatsApp” over the weekend.

“It is a good thing in order to make our forces not become sluggish or always feel at peace,” he said. “It is a wake-up call for our forces.”

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