Police Official On Lookout for Cats

As deputy director of Phnom Penh’s minor crime unit, Ich Srey has solved several mysteries during his career.

This time, though, it’s personal.

Ich Srey really wants his cats back.

Four of his five exotic cats have disappeared over the last few weeks, and Ich Srey says he’s desperate to get them back. So desperate, in fact, that he’s taken out advertisements in Khmer-language newspapers offering a $20 reward for them.

“They are clean and help protect the house against rats and geckos,” he said.

Two of the missing cats are kittens and one of the cats is deaf. They all have long fur and are three different colors—white, yellow and gray.

“They have strange eyes—one of them looks like a European. Their tails are like squirrel tails,” he said.

Ich Srey hasn’t put his name or occupation in his advertisements because people, seeing a police officer is involved, might be afraid of being punished and not contact him. He says he just wants the cats back, and promises there will be no questions asked.

“My house has been quiet since they’ve been gone. I call them my sons,” he said. “Every day, they help ease the tension when I get home from work.”

Anyone with information on the lost cats is asked to call Ich Srey at 012-842-553 or 016-888-849.


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