Police, Military Police Build Outposts in Central Phnom Penh Public Park

Police and military police have built new headquarters in a Phnom Penh public park where a large banyan tree has long been used as a gathering place for protesters.

Wat Botum Park, in Daun Penh district, regularly attracts crowds of people exercising in the evenings as the city’s heat cools off.

In a well-worn tradition, petitioners caught up in land disputes — and unable to find sympathy among local officials — gather at a tree on the park’s edge carrying a letter for Prime Minister Hun Sen asking him to intervene in their dispute. After some time, a representative from his cabinet arrives to the tree and takes the petition.

In full: https://vodenglish.news/police-military-police-build-outposts-in-central-phnom-penh-public-park/

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